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Be one of our Business Partner (Wholesaler)
For more information, please call (083) 228-5555 and look for Mr. Ting Egalin.
  • Credit Term, Minimum of 30 Days.
  • Get Special Price for all items.
  • Door to Door Free Delivery.
  • Get Freebies for Loyal Customers.
  • And many more…

Step 1 – Fill up credit application google form.
Step 2 – Submit Photocopy of the following requirements to Chiu Kim Hardware Office.
1. Business Permit (Latest)
2. 1 Valid ID’s with 3 signature
3. Checking Bank Account Details
3.1 Bank Name
3.2 Account Name
3.3 Authorized Signatories
Step 3 – Wait for confirmation of approval thru Phone Call and orientation of our credit line policies.
Step 4 – If approved, you can now start used your credit line in our store

We are Happy to be your trade partners, and Let us Grow Together!